Monthly Archives: February 2021

Review: Monopoly Surprise Collectible Tokens Series 1

For today’s review, I check out something that you probably have never seen here at… Monopoly! Released for the 2020 Holiday Season, Hasbro teamed up with Basic Fun to created a series of exclusive Monopoly Collectible Tokens. There are 20 tokens in all, broken down in Common, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare. Coin Tokens […]

Pop! Rides Review: Mushu on Panda

Up on today’s review is probably one of the best Pop! Rides I have added to my collection in 2020. A limited edition release during the Spring Convention celebration, usually when Emerald City Comic Con happens. Unfortunately, during 2020 most of the conventions were cancelled. However, that didn’t stop companies like Funko to release exclusives. […]