Review: 5 Star Poison Ivy & Batgirl

For today’s review, I check out two of the Funko 5 Star line. I found these on Clearance at my local Barnes and Noble store back in December, so I decided they would be a great buy to review and then gift to one of my friends for Christmas. Here are Poison Ivy and Batgirl.

Both of these figures are part of the DC Super Heroes collection in the 5 Star line, which also features Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn. Both Poison Ivy and Batgirl have articulation in the neck and shoulders, and come with accessories.

Poison Ivy Accessories: Rose, Perfume Bottle, & Venus Fly Trap
Batgirl’s Accessories: Grappling Gun, Batarang, and Cell Phone

Interested in possibly adding a 5 Star figure or two to your collection? Check out our friends over at Entertainment Earth, who have a few there to order.

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