Review: Monopoly Surprise Collectible Tokens Series 1

For today’s review, I check out something that you probably have never seen here at… Monopoly! Released for the 2020 Holiday Season, Hasbro teamed up with Basic Fun to created a series of exclusive Monopoly Collectible Tokens. There are 20 tokens in all, broken down in Common, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare.

Coin Tokens

Mr. Monopoly Tokens

Board Location Tokens

House, Gold, & Credit Card Tokens

Each mystery pack comes with five tokens: One each of Coin Token, Mr. Monopoly Token, and Board Property Token, as as either two House Tokens or one House Token and one of the other two tokens in that group.

So, how random is it? Turns out, not very. After I made my first purchase of mystery boxes at Walmart (only place I could find them), I quickly realized that they are not very random. In fact, the serial number on the bottom of the box can tell which set you will get.

Pay attention to last letter before the TT. Notice that’s it’s stamped differently?

Here is what is in each box numbered 1-6.

So, what makes some tokens Super Rare or Ultra Rare? I am simply assuming that Assortments #5 & 6 were made in smaller quantities. Besides that, there is nothing for someone to easily collect the entire series if they can decipher the numbers on the bottom of the boxes.

As I’ve mentioned before, the only place I personally saw them in during the holidays was one of my local Walmarts. There was an aisle display of them. Chances are, if they are still around at your local store, they would be in the gaming area of the Toys section.

For those who are heading out to try and complete this set, good luck.

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