Pop! Rides Review: Mushu on Panda

Up on today’s review is probably one of the best Pop! Rides I have added to my collection in 2020. A limited edition release during the Spring Convention celebration, usually when Emerald City Comic Con happens. Unfortunately, during 2020 most of the conventions were cancelled. However, that didn’t stop companies like Funko to release exclusives. With that said, here is the Pop! Ride of Mushu (and Cri-Kee) on Panda, from the Disney animated classic, Mulan.

In this Pop! Ride, Mushu, Mulan’s ancestral guardian, and Cri-Kee, Mulan’s pet cricket, pretend to be a soldier to deliver a message to the troops. Not able to convince Mulan’s horse, Khan, to join them in the roose, they get assistance from a cute, loveable panda.

I LOVE the look, sculpt, and detail of this piece. Between Mushu on the back, Cri-Kee being the “face”, and the look of the panda, it really is one of the best pieces I have seen come from Funko in 2020, if not in a long time.

Looking to add this piece to your collection? As of this posting, Hot Topic still has it available online, and possibly in store. However, since it is Limited Edition, I am not sure how long it will last.

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