Review: Transformers Gigawatt

Prior to the pandemic, my Transformers action figure collection was limited to a few that I got from Hasbro at various Toy Fair events. However, because I have had minimal things to do over the course of this past year, I did pick up a new hobby. Though I haven’t gone crazy with picking up Transformers, I have added quite a few to my collection recently. I will be sharing some of my favorites from time to time. First up, the commemorative Gigawatt from the 35th Anniversary of the Back to the Future franchise. Let’s check it out.

The DeLorean Time Machine featured in all three of the Back to the Future transforms in Gigawatt, a Time Traveler. He comes with his lightning rod staff and a gun that can attach to the Mr. Fusion energy converter.

I really enjoy the details of this figure, especially having the traveling dates from the first two movies. Gigawatt is a really fun conversion, and not too hard either.

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