The Top Eight Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Videos on Youtube!

A long time ago, I decided this website would grow beyond the world of Funko. I still love the big headed little guys but there are more lines out that that interest me. I have been a wrestling fan  since my childhood and was a LJN, Hasbro and Galoob figure collector. However, that addiction died down about the time I realized girls would talk back to me. Now, as a married guy with kids growing up and leaving the household, I had an urge to rekindle my childhood love of wrestling and for the most part, that is due to the hilarious and informative “The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast” created by pro wrestlers Matt Cardona and Brian Myers  (and joined by AEW manager and producer extraordinaire Smart Mark Sterling). They use their passion for collecting to create an amazing podcast that has kept me in the know and laughing for several years now.

If you are a fan of wrestling figures and their podcast though, I feel the hidden gem of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast is their youtube channel, dubbed the Major Pod Network.. The amount of hours put into posting clips from the podcast, fig hunts, and history episodes are the 2up version of the podcast. I  can’t go a day without searching the backlogs for an old video I might have missed or to rewatch one of my favorites. Enough of my words though. Let’s check out’s Top 8 Major Pod Network Youtube videos and you’ll know why they are number 1 on my Youtube subscription list.

8.  Major WF Pod Does Alaska!
(Sept 10, 2021)

If you are a wrestling fan a a wrestling figure collector, this is a perfect video to watch. Even better it takes you to Alaska. Watch the boys fig hunt, wrestle, and sample life in Alaska. Very underrated video!

7. Complete History of Wrestling Buddies
(Dec 24, 2020)

I could probably put another five of the Fig Hunt videos in place of this as a favorite, but the Wrestling Buddies meant so much to old school fans, I just had to add it in. I only owned one of these but this video has me jonesing to track down more. In addition, Matt and Brian show you other lines that copied (or ripped off) these classic designs. Don’t miss an interview with the main designer as well!

6. Major Wrestling Pod in Japan
(July 5, 2019)

The boys take the Fig Hunts internationally as they hit up Toudoukan in Japan. I love this one so much because the boys take us to a place most of us will never go so it’s a different feel to the figure craze!

5. Complete History of LJN
(Dec 24, 2019)

Matt and Brian travel down to Huntsville, Alabama and make a visit to the Conraddison for this history of LJN. Conrad Thompson joins the Major Brothers to add a little humor to the breakdown of the first WWF/WWE action figure line. For fans of the 80s WWF, this is a must see.

4.  Fatal 4 Day Figure Hunt
(Sept 19, 2019)

This video I believe is what cemented that I had to go look at all the Figure Hunts on the channel. The boys are in Canada and to see a Toys R Us again really did my heart good. Then we got to see Matt Cardona earn his name “Thousand Dollar Broski” as he plops down some major fundage to get the LJN Superstar figures posters at Bounty Hunter Toys in Hamilton, ON.

3. Hulk Still Rules- 20 Year Reunion
(June 24, 2022)

This is probably the most well done video on the channel. Production value is high but the heart in the video is even higher. 20 years ago, Hulk Hogan did a signing at the Times Square Toys R Us store and hundreds of fans were there. 20 years later, a few of those fans (including Matt and Brian) return to the area to reminisce and help a friend cope with his notoriety from the original event.

2. Complete History of Just Toys WWF Bend-ems
(Dec 24, 2021)

I never collected Bend Ems. Never had an interest in them. Then I watch this and I now have 20 WWF Bend-ems and over 15 Major Bendies. Damn you guys. Just damn you. The guys give you tremendous backstory on the line and why it meant a lot to them!

1. Complete History of WWF Hasbro Figures
(May 29, 2020)

The first line I collected was LJN but this is the line I loved the most. This is the line I still love more than all. Hasbro knocked it out of the park with so many figures and were a major part of my childhood. Now, there are numberous “retro” lines dedicated to this Hasbro design that I collect. Matt, Brian and Mark just deliver in this episode. Clocking in at over 4 hours, it’s well worth a watch. Hell, I turn it on ever few months while I work because you’ll learn something new everytime.

There are plenty of other videos that I could have included but if you watch these 8, you’ll definitely know why I listen each week, watch the Youtube Channel, and interact with like-minded fans i the Patreon Exclusive Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Facebook Group.

Major Marks, let me know what you think in the comments!

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