Pop! Deluxe Review: Queen of Hearts at the Mad Tea Party (Target Exclusive)

For today’s review, I check out a Funko Pop! Deluxe release that Funko teamed up with Walt Disney World to celebrate their 50th Anniversary last year. The fourth such Pop! released based on a fan-favorite attraction at Disney Parks, here is the Queen of Hearts at the Mad Tea Party Attraction.

The first release in this series, featuring Alice, was released as a Disney Parks exclusive in 2019. Shortly after Covid shut down the country, the second release, featuring Cheshire Cat, because the 2020 WonderCon exclusive (and almost impossible to get your hands on). Later on in 2020, the Mad Hatter release of this series came to TargetCon… and much easier to get. Following suit, Queen of Hearts also became a Target exclusive when released in 2021. In the Mad Tea Party Attraction, guests board giant tea cups to spin around the party as everyone celebrates their “un”birthdays. It can be a dizzying, but quite fun, ride for all ages.

Want to add this piece to your collection? Target online still has the Queen in stock, and you could possibly even find her in some stores.

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