Review: Pixar’s Alien Remix Wave 3 (Mattel)

For today’s review, I check out the newest wave of the popular Alien Remix vinyl figures. Created by Mattel and featuring the Alien character from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, it’s made up of Aliens mashed up (or remixed as they call it) with other popular Pixar characters. What we see here is Wave 3, and is comprised of five characters (from what I can gather). Let’s take a look.

Each figure comes in a spaceship-shaped clamshell packaging, with each having a different look on the backer card, including artwork and number in the set.

There are now 16 figures in the set. I believe I am only missing three (Remy and Anger from Series 2, and Tinny from Tin Toyhe is currently on sale at shopDisney). I know a lot of companies put out versions of the Aliens in the Remix costumes, but I think the Mattel line, so far, is one of the best.

Where can you pick these up? The previous waves might be able to find randomly in some stores like Walmart and Target, but Wave 3 should be prevalent, as they were just recently released in and around Christmas. I found my set after Christmas, so it might be that they were held for release for after Christmas leading into 2021.

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