Pop! Review: Pi Day Spider-Man (Box Lunch Exclusive)

For today’s review, I check out a fun release from Funko as part of the Marvel: Eat the Universe promotion in 2020. A Box Lunch Exclusive here in the US, here is “Pi Day” Spider-Man.

In this themed Pop! Vinyl, Spider-Man is celebrating Pi… and Pie. “Pi” is a mathematics term and defines the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its’ diameter. Because the numerical value of Pi starts with 3.14, March 14th of each year has been unofficially known around the world as “Pi Day”. And since pizza pies are circular, here in the US, numerous pizzerias celebrate “Pi Day” with deals on a pizza. This Pop! showcases that with Spider-Man grabbing a Pie on “Pi Day”.

I really love this sculpt. From Spider-Man swinging with his web line to the pepperoni and cheese flying out of the back of the pizza box, it feels like this Pop! Vinyl is actually moving.

Unfortunately, this Pop! Vinyl is no longer available online at the Box Lunch website, he still might be available in some store locations. Aside from that, it’s secondary market… but he is pretty affordable there.

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