Pop! Review: Earth Day’s Meeko with Flit (Box Lunch Exclusive)

Since 2018, every Earth Day, Funko and Box Lunch stores here in the US have teamed up to bring an Earth Day exclusive Pop! Vinyl. The release is themed around the environment in some way, and the box that the Pop! Vinyl came is is made of recycled material. 2018 showed the first release with Wall-E, with 2019 came his love interest EVE. Last year, Poncahontas’ faithful sidekicks Meeko and Flit are captured in their berry-eating cuteness. Let’s check them out.

Meeko and Flit are probably two of my favorite sidekicks of the Disney Princesses. It makes sense that these two are picked to celebrate Earth Day, as they are woodland creatures who celebrate the joys of the Earth, including its’ bountiful harvest (like the berries they enjoy in the movie, which are captured by these figures).

While this piece is currently no longer available at the Box Lunch website, you still might be able to find it in some store locations. If not, the secondary market like eBay or Mercari has it, and at a decent price.

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