Pop! Review: Christmas Wishes Care Bear

For today’s review, I take a look at a piece from the Animation- Care Bears line of Pop! Vinyls from Funko. Released as part of Funko Shop’s 2018 Holiday Event, here is Christmas Wishes Bear.

I have been slowly trying to complete the Care Bears set. However, with a lot of the pieces beyond the initial release (with Chases) being either Limited Edition or a store exclusive, it’s been tricky. Thankfully, one of my Funko Family got this in 2018 in a bundle deal through Funko Shop and, deciding that she did not want it, asked me if I would like it. I am happy that she did, as it is one less that I have to track down.

Growing up, the Care Bears were one of my favorite cartoons to watch. I really love the look of this line, especially since Funko chose to fashion them after the original cartoon, and not the newer reboot. I am hoping that Funko will release more Care Bears, and maybe even some of the Care Bear Cousins, in the future. It is a fun line to have.

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