Pop! Review: Holiday Santa Hat Huckleberry Hound

Today, I take a look at one of the Funko Shop Holiday releases back in 2019. Part of the Pop! Animation line and one of Hanna-Barbera’s favorite characters, here is Huckleberry Hound in his Santa Hat.

This Pop! Vinyl is a perfect example of why you should take the Pop! out of the box for display. You cannot really appreciate this Pop! while it is cooped up in packaging. I really like this sculpt and Huck looks great in his hat.

While I did not pick this piece up when it was released on Funko Shop back during the 2019 holiday season, my friend got the bundle, which included all of the releases for that event. Since she did not want all of the piece, she sold this one to me as well as a couple of others. I am grateful, and I have a pretty big Christmas collection, and this is a perfect fit to that.

If you are looking to pick this piece up for your own collection, your best bet right now is trying the secondary market. He is, honestly, not a valuable piece, so you should be able to get him for a decent price.

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