Review: Mattel’s Toy Store Alien Remix- Some New Releases

For the past couple of years, I shared with you guys some of the releases from Mattel’s Toy Story Alien Remix. A promotion created in 2020 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Pixar’s groundbreaking animated movie Toy Story. In this promotion, companies created merchandise featuring the Alien from the movie franchise dressed up as various other characters from the Pixar family of movies. For Mattel’s part, they have been releasing various minimally-articulated figures between 2″-3″ in height. The first few releases were released individually but also in special combo packs. For the release in the latter part last year, I found on Amazon some combo packs released in… pizza boxes? Yup! Let’s check them out.

Each box comes with three figures. On the sides of the boxes, it showcases some of the characters that can come in the pizza box. While Woody, Edna Mode, and Lotso are from prior releases, all of the rest are new releases. Now, these are not mystery boxes, as the top of each box is marked which three are in it.

My first pizza box includes Edna Mode (The Incredibles), Eve (Wall-E), and Bo Peep (Toy Story 4). Edna i already had, but the price was great to add Eve and Bo Peepto my collection.


Now, the second pizza box includes Sadness (Inside Out), Forky (Toy Story 4) and Carl Fredrickson (Up).

I really like the way these sets come in the pizza box, reminiscent of the Pizza Planet boxes in the Toy Story franchise, and where the Aliens originate from in the first movie.

Additionally, I found two figures I needed for my collection at a local grocery store. This were in cube-like packaging, instead of the spaceship shaped packaging. I think this was done so they can be stacked on display shelves more easily. Hey, if it means more locations to sell in and more sales leading to more figures being made by Mattel… I am all for it.

It’s Syndrome (The Incredibles) and Duke Caboom (Toy Story 4).

I am still a long ways off from having all of these releases. In addition to completing this wave of releases, I believe more have surfaced or will be shortly… or both. Let’s just say a trade off for not going hunting at the stores during the holiday season is not seeing things being released. Here’s to the hunt!

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