Review: Marvel Minimates- Walgreens Exclusive Wave 12

For today’s review, I take a look at the newest Marvel Minimates release exclusive to Walgreens stores here in the US. Here is Wave 12, featuring characters from the animated Spider-Man and Avengers TV series.

Each Minimate is fully poseable and comes with a display base.

Marvel’s Spider-Man This 2pk based on characters from Marvel’s Spider-Man features Miles Morales and Marvel’s Prowler. Miles comes with a mask to go over his head, a pair of alternate hands, and a line of webbing that he can swing from. Avengers Assemble The 2pk based on the Avengers Assemble animated TV series includes Iron Man and Marvel’s Ghost. Iron Man comes with a helmet and a flying display piece.

I really enjoy the look of these Minimates. My only issue? Once put on I find it impossible to remove the mask from Miles or the helmet from Iron Man. The fit going on was very tight, and it proved to be too much for me to be able to remove. It’s not a total loss, as I probably would have displayed these Minimates with their respective head coverings on anyways. However, being given the option to remove them would have been preferred. This is probably the first time I found an issue with a Minimate, that’s how rare they are.

Given that these are the most recent exclusive 2pks of Minimates to hit the shelves at Walgreens, I’d suspect that you could still find them on store shelves. However, you might be aware that Walgreens has never really been good with their Toy Departments (some stores barely even have one tbh)… so who knows. I would like to thank the team over at Diamond Select, makers of the Minimates line, for sending these over for me to take a look at and review. They have always been great supporters of the sites, and it’s much appreciated.

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