Review: Attack Mode Iron Giant Vinimate

For today’s review, I check out one of the releases in the Vinimates line of vinyl figures from Diamond Select Toys. The Iron Giant was an animated film released in 1999, and the main character of the same name became quite popular in our current pop-culture lexicon. However, these days there hasn’t been a lot of merchandise released featuring one of our favorite robots now 20+ years after the movie. Back in 2018, the film version of the novel Ready Player One featured the Iron Giant in a cameo role. This seemed to reinvigorate the franchise, and I started seeing more items showcasing the Iron Giant in various ways,

Recently, our friends over at Diamond Select Toys have released a few toys and collectibles from this franchise, including a bust, at least one statue, a couple of action figures, and a couple of Vinimates. Included in this was a special “Attack Mode” Vinimate, which the team at Diamond Select Toys sent over for me to take a look at. Let’s check him out.

While most Vinimates have limited articulation in the neck area, this particular figure has no articulation. It does feature, however, some great detail as the Iron Giant goes into his attack mode.

For those The Iron Giant fans out there, this is a great piece to add to your collection. Actually, any of the Diamond Select pieces that have been released would be great additions, and a bunch of them are available over at Entertainment Earth.

Special thanks again to the team from Diamond Select Toys for sending this over for me to check out. Much appreciated.

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