Pop! Review: Candy Land’s Lord Licorice (Target Exclusive)

For today’s review, I check out one of the releases of this year’s Funko Target-Con, which featured a bunch of Pop! Vinyls and other Funko items exclusively released at Target stores nationwide and online. This exclusive is part of the Retro Toys line and features the prominent villain from the board game Candy Land. Here is Lord Licorice.

Now, I am still on the fence about whether or not I will be trying to collect all of the Candy Land Pop! Vinyls that were/are released. It was one of my favorite games growing up as a child, especially after Hasbro purchased Milton Bradley in 1984 and the game was revamped and the characters added. That being said, because this piece was a store exclusive, I decided to get it. If I continue with the line, I won’t have to worry about finding him.

As of this posting, there are a total of seven Candy Land Pop! Vinyls that have been released, including Lord Licorice here. I just realized creating this article that Plumpy was an exclusive to Emerald City Comic Con this past year… so my theory in picking up the exclusives in case I decide to collect the entire line eventually did not work. Whoops!

Overall, I am very happy that I added this to my collection, and looking at all seven of the Candy Land Pop! Vinyls together… I think I might be getting the full set. Let the hunt begin!

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