Pop! Review: Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Packet (Hot Topic Exclusive)

For today’s review, I check out one of the recently released new wave of Ad Icons Pop! Vinyls. A bunch of the pieces in this wave consist of anthropomorphic items of popular brands. Previously, I have reviewed the Spam Can and the Coca-Cola Can. Today, I check out a new Pop! released as part of the Kool-Aid brand. Here is the Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Packet.

This Tropical Punch version is a variant of the regular release Cherry Kool-Aid Packet, and is a Hot Topic exclusive.

I am really liking the releases in this newest wave of Ad Icons Pop! Vinyls. I’m looking forward to hopefully adding more pieces from this wave t my collection. In the meantime, if you’d like to add this piece to your own collection, you can find it over on the Hot Topic website.

Happy collecting!

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