Review: The X-Men Zoteki Collection

Last year, when I was at Toy Fair 2020, I got to see primary concept art for a new line of collectibles diorama figures from Jazwares. Under the brand name Zoteki, the line is made up of 4″ figural statues which connect together to crate an iconic scene from some of pop culture’s most memorable properties. Well, with the pandemic shutting things down for a good chunk of 2020, it took a bit for Jazwares to send over one of the properties for me to check out. Earlier this month, a box showed up containing Series 1 of the X-Men line of Zoteki. Let’s check them out.

This line consists of six figures that connect together, along with a variant figure in Wolverine. Each figure comes in a 2 sided window box design.

Brown Suit Wolverine (Chase) & Blue Suit Wolverine

I mentioned earlier that each of these scenes is based off an iconic scene. Well, for this one, it’s based off the 1991 cover of Uncanny X-Men #1. Here is what the cover looks like.

Now let’s get a closer look at the figures.

I really like this concept of the figures connecting together. For the scale and structure, I appreciate the detail of these figures, especially with Magneto and his Sentinel base. And while I feel that Cyclops connects too close to Magneto, the fact that the figures surround Magneto in a 360 manner is a lot of fun. It makes for some great visual angles when they are connected.

If you want more information on the line, which other properties have been made into Zoteki dioramas, and where you can purchase them, you can visit the Jazwares website.

Special thanks to the Jazwares team for sending these over for me to check them out. I am excited for this new line and cannot wait to see what other dioramas will be released.

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