Review: Alien Remix Tinny (Disney Parks/ Store Exclusive)

For today’s review, I take a look at one of the releases in Mattel’s line of Toy Story Alien Remix line of vinyl figures. This figure is a Disney Parks & Disney Store Exclusive, and is (so far) the only one of the Mattel figures released that is based off a Pixar short and not a movie.

From one of the earliest Pixar shorts, Tin Toy (1988), here is Tinny.

Unlike the other figures in the line, Tinny is special because he comes with an extra piece (his backpack band) that can be put on once the figure is removed from his spaceship-shaped packaging. Here is a 360 look at Tinny, including his accordion and band outfit.

Tinny is numbered “11” in the series, right between Waves 2 and 3. I took a look at some of the figures in Wave 3 here.

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