Pop! Review: Star Wars’ Babu Frik (10″)

In 2019, the finale of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga ended with the release of Star Wars Episode X: The Rise of Skywalker. With it came the addition of Babu Frik to the list of fan-favorite characters. He may have only been roughly 9″ tall, but this droidsmith stole the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere.

Last year, Funko released a 10″ Pop! Vinyl of Babu Frik, which is close the life-sized… although with the iconic Pop! deformed head. It’s pretty awesome. Let’s take a closer look.

Because he is a 10″, super-sized Pop! Vinyl, Babu Frik has a lot of amazing details to the sculpt, including the goggles and tool belt.

As with all Star Wars Pop! Vinyls, Babu Frik is a bobble-head. However, because of the sculpt and the size of the head, it’s not very noticeable compared to some of the other bobble-heads that Funko produces.

Interested in adding this piece to your Star Wars or Funko collections? You can order it from our friends at Entertainment Earth, who have him currently available along with a thousands of other Funko products.

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