Pop! Review: McDonald’s Drummer McNugget (FunKon 2021)

If you’ve followed my reviews over the past couple of years, you’d know that one of the Funko Pop! Vinyls lines that I am working at being a completionist of is the McDonald’s line. Though it isn’t a large line, some of the exclusives that have been released remain harder to get. One piece that I recently acquired was initially released last summer for Virtual FunKon. I didn’t get a chance to grab it then, so when I was able to pick it up for a good price I jumped at the chance.

Here is one of the McNugget Buddies… the Drummer McNugget.

This female McNugget features a band hat, pair of drum sticks, and a drum. Both the hat and the drumhead features the McDonald’s “M” logo.

While it’s a rather simplistic Pop! Vinyl, it’s a great addition to the McNugget Buddies brigade,which also includes a Fireman, Cowboy, Rockstar, and more.

If you’d like to add this piece to your collection, you can find it easily available on the secondary market.

While I probably won’t be able to complete this line (some of the special Ronald McDonald pieces from Asia are insanely priced), I’ve gotten one step closer to it. Next? Maybe tracking down Pumpkin McNugget, which was another convention exclusive.

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