Pop! Review: Donald’s Shoulder Angel & Devil (WonderCon 2022)

Earlier this year, WonderCon was held in Anaheim, CA. It is one of a number of pop-culture conventions held in the US that Funko creates exclusive products for. For the 2022 edition, Funko released a special Disney 2pk of Donald Duck’s Shoulder Angel & Devil, from the 1938 cartoon Donald’s Better Self. Let’s check it out.

I really love these sculpts. These two characters have always been favorites for me as I grew up watching the old Mickey Mouse & Friends cartoons.

My favorite part of these Pop! Vinyls has to be Angel Donald’s halo. I vaguely remember Devil Donald having a pitchfork? If so, that would have been a fun inclusion to that Pop! Vinyl. In any case, that’s really all I have for a critique.

Although no longer available at retail, I have seen listing for this 2pk on the secondary market. So, if you want to add this piece to your collection… head there.

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