Pop! Review: NYCC 2020’s Paulie Pigeon & Pizza Rat

Now, even thought New York Comic Con did not happen in 2020, Funko still released exclusive items through their online shop and other retailers. Two of these pieces were variants of NYCC’s “Icons”, Paulie Pigeon and Pizza Rat.

Paulie Pigeon (a NYC pigeon dressed up like a superhero) was first released as a Pop! Vinyl at NYCC 2019 with three different variants. In 2020, two different variants were released. This Orange/ Blue version was limited to 1500 pcs.

Pizza Rat, based off a popular 2015 meme of a NYC subway rat dragging around a slice of pizza, made his debut as a Pop! Vinyl in 2020 with two variants. This one, with him wearing an orange hat, was limited to 3,000 pcs.

I was born in New York, and having attended every single NYCC to date, I have been trying to be a completist with these two designs. While I don’t have them all, a friend who was able to get these last year when they were released helped me add these to my collection recently… of which I am very grateful. I’m only missing a couple of variants from 2020 and the ones from this year. Hopefully this winter I can track them down for not that much.

Do you have a specific Pop! design or character that you try to be a completist with? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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