NYCC 2021 Highlight: The Plunderlings

Even before I set foot inside New York Comic Con 2021, I was told by friends that I had to swing by and check out the Plunderlings booth. Not knowing exactly what they were, I did indeed swing by to meet the team at Lone Coconut, the team behind this new line of action figures.

When I got to the booth, I was given the rundown. Plunderlings are super-posable action figures, 1/12 in scale. These “monsters” are pirate adventurers from a Caribbean perspective. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Lone Coconut are bringing a first wave of characters to retail, as well as looking into the future with new lines of characters and teaming up with others for a bunch of accessories.

At their booth, the team from Lone Coconut had on display… a look at the collection of Plunderlings that were released through Kickstarter…

… prototypes of two new lines of characters, Plunderstrongs and Plunderlongs…

… and accessories from a collaboration with Super Action Stuff.

Also on display were two figures that are being released exclusively through the retailer here in the US… Drench Koral & Drench Maru.

Six of the Kickstarter characters are being released soon in a “regular” release, through both and our friends over at Entertainment Earth.

As a treat at NYCC, guests could purchase right then and there Teel, Goyle, and Tuff, and at a discount rate of $30 rather than the $40 retail. Once I got home, I realized that they packed away for me Teel and two of Tuff, leaving me short a Goyle. Thankfully, the team at lone Coconut rectified it immediately, so I could start reviewing and having fun with my new figures.

First off, I want to highlight the display boxes. Designed to look like one of the Plunderlings heads, they come with ears that you can add to the box, a wonderful open-window design, and even cute feet on the bottom. Here is Teel’s box.

Inside each packaging, each Plunderling comes with three different heads, a magnetic headpiece, some clothing, two pairs of hands, and accessories.

Captain Teel

Teel comes with his magnetic pirate captain hat, a telescope, and a slingshot gun.

Nomad Tuff

Tuff comes with her magnetic witch hat, a mallet, and a red frog.

Nomad Goyle

Goyle comes with his magnetic hood, a pair of short-swords, and a black frog.

Of course, it did not take the three of the them long to start getting in trouble around my brother’s book shop and at my apartment.

I also got two of the accessories that Super Action Stuff was giving away at the booth: a banana and a hot dog. They were definitely hits at the apartment.

Oh, and the other night during my most recent road trip, they had an altercation with one of the newest Transformers to my collection: Grapple.

Needless to say, they are probably going to be getting into a lot of trouble on their adventures over the winter. They are becoming my newest mascots for my new food and travel Instagram account (which you can find over there under @theroadtrippinfoodie). Hopefully they can also discover more Plunderlings on their adventures.

For more information on The Plunderlings and all of their awesomeness, you can check out their website here. 

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