Funko Pop! Review: Haunted Mansion Rundown

Since 2015, Funko has teamed up with Disney Parks to release a series of Pop! Vinyls and other products based off the popular The Haunted Mansion attraction. With multiple of the Disney Theme Parks throughout the world having a version of this fan-favorite dark ride, Funko hit a gold mine starting this line. Starting with park and convention exclusives, more recently releases have been either store exclusives or just regular retail releases. In the past, I have done reviews of some of the releases, and even took some of the them for photo shoots at Walt Disney World. However, for a while now I have simply been amassing them without sharing them with you all. So, I figured I would do a massive photo dump of all the ghostly goodness I haven’t shared with you yet. Let’s get it on.

First up, we have some of the spirits that one may encounter in the attic and graveyard scenes: Constance Hatchaway (also known as “The Bride”), Mummy Spirit, Opera Singer Phantom, and the Hot Topic exclusive Merry Minstrel. Although I feel the sculpt of the Mummy could have been done better, the Merry Minstrel looks pretty amazing. Constance is always a fun character to get merchandise of, but she is up there with The Hitchhiking and Hatbox Ghosts on possibly being a bit overused.  

Speaking of The Hitchhiking Ghosts, Target released this special metallic green 3pk of Phineas, Ezra, and Gus. I’m not necessarily a fan of this colorway, but it was a great way for those who weren’t able to get the previous releases of these sculpts back in 2015 and 2016 to get these trouble-making hitchhikers.

Next up is a foursome of “human” characters in the attraction… with only one actually being human. The Mansion Groundskeeper (a Box Lunch exclusive) is technically still living. The Maid is a corporeal spirit who helps guests to the attraction navigate through it (aka the female Cast Members dress like this throughout the mansion). Alexander Nitrokoff and this version of Constance Hatchaway (yes, the very same “The Bride”) appeared in their “mortal states” in two of the Stretching Room Portraits. Each of these two Pop! Vinyls came with a Chase variant. Unfortunately, I never located them in the wild, and the last time I check the secondary market, they weren’t worth picking up for the Chase. However, that was a while ago. Perhaps I will look again soon.

Finally, here are two Disney Parks/ Disney Store exclusives. Victor Geist is the organist for the mansion’s ballroom. Additionally, this special version of Madame Leota is a Glow-in-the-Dark variant of the regular retail release.

Well, that’s it…. for now. Given the popularity of this attraction and Pop! Vinyl line, I am sure we will see more releases in The Haunted Mansion line in the future. For now, I guess I can focus on getting the few pieces I don’t already have (like those Chases). Given that there are 999 Happy Haunts at the mansion, there are plenty of ghosts left to do.

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