Pop! Review: McDonald’s Series 2

For today’s review, I’m checking out the second series of the popular McDonald’s line of Funko Pop! Vinyls. While Series 1 focused on some of the core characters from early on in McDonaldland, Series 2 branched out to include a newer addition, a couple of variants, and a bunch of nuggies. Let’s check them out.

First up is Birdie the Early Bird. She was the first definitive female character introduced into McDonaldland. Debuting in 1980, she was introduced to promote McDonald’s foray into breakfast.

Then we have one of two character variants in this set… well, aside from the many nuggies. Ronald McDonald appears in this set as Rock Out Ronald McDonald.

Then we have the second Fry Kids 2pk, a new colorway of the Series 1 release. This one was a Funko Shop online exclusive. As you can see above, the packaging for this release shows the Series 1 McDonald’s Pop! Vinyls on the back. However, this was released more to coincide with Series 2. That’s why I’ve included it in this review.

Now onto the nuggies… excuse me, McNugget Buddies. Similar to the numerous releases of Happy Meal Toys, Funko released quite a few different McNugget Buddies in Series 2. Included in this series are the Cowboy, Tennis, Fireman, Rockstar, and the Target exclusive Scuba Diver.

I grew up with Ronald McDonald and the gang from McDonaldland. I really love that Funko put out this line of Pop! Vinyls. I am still missing a few of the exclusives (and the Thailand Ronald McDonalds that I doubt I will ever get), but I am close to being a completionist for this set. That makes me happy. Of course, it would not shock me if they decide to put out more Pop! Vinyls. I would love to also see the addition of Professor, Mac Tonight, The Happy Meal Gang, and the original McDonald’s mascot… Speedee! Even more obscure characters like Ronald McDonald’s dog Sundae, Uncle O’Grimacey, CosMc (a personal favorite of mine), and Happy the Happy Meal Box.

Want to add any of the regular release McDonald’s Pop! Vinyls to your collection? Most are still available over at Entertainment Earth. Check them out and order them while you can!

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