Things You Need to Know About US Elections 

Things You Need to Know About US Elections 

Many enjoyed watching the results of US elections by taking some amount of goodies bought from the best online vape store. Those who don’t reside within the United States of America must make themselves aware of certain terms and definitions regarding the US elections. This gives them a deeper idea of how the elections are conducted across the state. The US is the oldest democracy in the world, whereas India is the largest democracy in the world. The following are some of the important things one needs to know about US elections.

Electoral College 

The pattern of voting in the USA is not given to all of them. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties select their electors before the election campaign could begin. The states are allotted electors based on their population. Every elector can cast only one vote. The candidate who gets more than half of the votes tends to form the government.

Types of states 

The states in the USA are given certain names based on their attributes. The red states are the ones that popularly vote for the Republican party. The blue states are the ones that vote for the Democratic Party. The bellwether states are the ones that have always voted for the winning candidate. Ever since 1960, the states like Ohio have always sided with the winning candidate. When the electoral votes are split equally between the democrats and the republicans, then it is known as a swing state.

There has been a constant pattern in the US elections. The republicans and the democrats have consecutively held presidential positions.

Some of the exciting things about US Elections 2020 

There were a lot of exciting things that happened in the US Elections 2020. The current government under Donald Trump was put into constant criticism as it had not performed up to the mark during the pandemic situation. This gave in many opinions that the next President would be from the Democratic Party.

There has been a lot of good news pouring in for the immigrants ever since a Democrat president was put in power. There was a temporary ban on the issuance of H1B visas. The government has mentioned that it would lift the ban. Also, the government is planning to bring in policies that are friendly to the people who have migrated into this country from the other parts.

Joe Biden becomes the oldest US president to be sworn in ever. He is older than Trump by 8 years. Also, a woman of Indian descent has been elected the Vice President. This is the first time in the history of the US Presidency, a woman is sworn as Vice President. Also, she is of mixed-race.

There are a whole lot of differences between the various democracies all over the world. Despite democracy voicing out for terms like equal participation, universal adult franchise, and other such terms, the style of functioning of one democracy differs drastically from the other.

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