Check Out These Holiday Prizes From Vaulted Vinyl!

Vaulted Vinyl is the innovative leader of Funko POP! protection and display. The brand trusted by collectors around the world. Basically Vaulted Vinyl is the Mercedes-Benz of Pop protection. What’s their products made of?
V2 Premium Protectors:
-0.50mm thick, reinforced edges for added durability, flat tops for hassle free stacking, crystal clear acid-free PET eco-friendly plastic.
-UV resistant
-Scratch resistant up to fingernail strength
-1100+ 5-Star Reviews
The Display Vault/ Display Vault XL:
-Our high end displays for your favorite grails
-Funko Pop Stacks fit perfectly and they are what we recommend
Now until December 12th, Vaulted-Vinyl is here to give you prizes everytime you buy! Everyone wins something!
Holiday Craze! Prizes – Everyone is a winner:
Top Prizes-
FREE Pop Protectors for a year – 5 Winners
6” + 2 Pack Protectors bundle – 10 Winners
Original Vault – 10 Winners
Display Vault – 15 Winners
Display Vault XL – 5 Winner
Other Prizes-
Now how do you win? The more you buy the more scratch cards you will receive So:
Instagram: @VaultedVinyl

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