Review: The Jungle Cruise Pop! Ride (Disney Parks Exclusive)

For today’s review, I take a look at yet another Pop! Ride that’s an exclusive to Disney Theme Parks here in the US. Pop! Rides exclusive to the parks seem to be very popular these days, with some attractions like The Matterhorn and Mad Tea Cups getting more than one version. With this attraction, with a live-action movie based on this attraction coming out (at some point), we could easily see more versions of this Pop! Ride forthcoming. That being said, here is a look at The Jungle Cruise Pop! Ride.

Before we look at the Pop! Ride, I wanted to highlight the artwork that appears on the backer card inside the packaging (as well as on the back of the packaging). This cartoon-style artwork comically recreates some of the scenes from the ride.

Now, let’s check out the Congo Queen, the name given to the Jungle Cruise ship.

Want to add this piece to your collection? Good news! As of the the posting of this review, this Pop! Ride is on sale over at the shopDisney website, with a 25% discount off the original pricing. Great time to add it to your Funko or Disney collectibles.

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