Review: Q-Fig’s Negaduck (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

For today’s review, I check out a Limited Edition release in Quantum Mechanix’ Q-Fig line. Exclusive to our friends over at Entertainment Earth, here is Negaduck from the Disney Afternoon TV Series Darkwing Duck.

In the TV Series, Negaduck hails from the Negaverse, where he villainously rules St. Canard. He is Darkwing Duck’s evil doppleganger, he has mastered dimensional travel and wants to rid the universes of his other “Darkwing” versions… including our beloved hero, Darking Duck.

While this Q-Fig sculpt is similar to that of the Darkwing Duck release that Quantum Mechanix did, the right arm and head piece are totally different, in addition to the different paint scheme.

The Limited Edition piece had a production run of 2000. The one I received was 1183.

Now, as of the posting of this review, Negaduck is still available to purchase over at Entertainment Earth. However, there is no telling when he will sell out. Being that he had a decently low production run, he could sell out any day. I’d pick him up soon if you want to add him to your Q-Fig collection.

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