Pop! Review: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Droids

For today’s review, I check out two Funko Pop! Vinyls featuring two Star Wars franchise droids. These two droids appear in the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Let’s take a look at CB-6B and M5-R3.

These two droids were planned on being Disney Parks exclusive until the Covid pandemic happened. They were then moved (along with a bunch of other Galaxy’s Edge merchandise) to be 2020 Target exclusive releases.

The BB-series unit CB-6B is noted for being part of the Resistance, serving beside pilot Poe Dameron while BB-8 was on a separate mission.

M5-R3, a R-series astromech droid, can be found in the Service Yard outside of Droid Depot on Batuu. He is “patiently” waiting for his oil bath… but I have a feeling he will be waiting for a while.

These were quite popular releases when they arrived in Target stores and online, mainly because there are a lot of people, like a couple of my friends, who only collect the Star Wars droids in the Pop! Vinyls line. For me, I wanted them because one of the Pop! collections I try to be a completionist with is my Disney Parks collection. Obviously, two droids that originate from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge are going to be added to that collection.

What are your thoughts on these two droids? Did you add them to your Pop! collection when they were released? Let me know in the comments below.

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