Pop! Review: Pixar’s Soul- 22

With the pandemic, a lot of companies had to rethink how they went about their business. In the case of Pixar, they decided to continue to release movies, but (at least for the meantime) exclusively on the Disney + streaming service. The first movie to be released like this was Pixar’s Soul back in 2020. Set in New York City, this movie explores the search for happiness and meaningfulness in life.

One of the main characters in this movie is 22, a soul not yet ready to be “born”. Voiced by Tina Fey, 22 goes through a journey of self discovery. Today, I take a quick look at one of the 22 Pop! Vinyls that Funko made in conjunction with the movie’s release. Here is 22.

While there were a lot of Pop! Vinyls made for this movie, I decided to just get this version of 22 to display at my apartment. I really enjoyed the movie (probably rakes up in the Top 5 or 10 Pixar movies for me), and wanted a small reminder of it on my shelves.

Check out all the fun Funko x Pixar items that you can add to your collection over at Entertainment Earth.

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