Pop! Review: Disneyland’s 65th Matterhorn Collection

For today’s review, I take a look at more pieces released by Funko to celebrate Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary. Showcasing one of my all-time favorite Disney Parks attractions, here are three new Matterhorn Bobsleds Pop! Vinyl figures.

First up are two Pop! Vinyls, showcasing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck dressed up to go climb the mountain.

Then there was released a third Pop! Ride inspired by this attraction. Following both Harold (The Abominable Snowman) and Mickey Mouse riding the bobsled, here is Donald Duck.

While I was not able to get the Mickey Mouse version of this Pop! Ride (a Limited Edition Convention Exclusive that I was not able to get my hands on), I do have the Harold version, and happy to have added Donald to the collection as well. Like I stated previously, the Matterhorn Bobsleds are one of my all time favorite attractions in all of the Disney Parks that I have been to (which would be all of the ones here in the US). When Funko started releasing pieces on this attraction, I knew I wanted them in my Disney Parks collection. Thankfully, these three pieces were regular retail releases this year.

If you are interested in adding these pieces to your own collection, check out our friends at Entertainment Earth.

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