Pop! Review: Pirates of the Caribbean’s Metallic Redd (Disney Parks)

Today, I wanted to take a look at a Disney Parks release of a Funko Pop! Vinyl variant. The original, regular version was released in 2018, this Metallic paint job was released in late 2019. Here is Redd from the Disney Parks’ Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

While in a lot of cases, a metallic variant leaves very little to desire in my opinion, I actually really like this one, as I feel the hat and dress pop better in contrast to the face paint, which is not metallic.

Here is a comparison between the two versions, so you can see the paint difference.

Yes, I realize that the lighting is different, but you can definitely see the difference. In my opinion, while the regular Redd (on the right) looks more like the attraction character, the metallic version looks a bit more like the Redd that was briefly out in Disneyland for Meet & Greets in 2018 and 2019.

For those interested in adding this piece to your collection, I recently have seen her at some Disney Store Outlets here in the Northeast at a great clearance price, seeing as Disneyland has not reopened yet and they are trying to get rid of older stock. However, she is not available online at shopDisney.

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