Pop! Review: Mixed Up Mr. Potato Head (Target Exclusive)

For today’s review, I take a look at a recently released Funko Pop! Vinyl which is part of the Retro Toys line. Produced in conjunction with Hasbro and released exclusively at Target here in the US, here is the Mixed-Up variant of Mr. Potato Head.

While I’m not going to go crazy with picking up a lot of this line, which is mostly Hasbro related, I did get this Pop! because Mr. Potato Head is a popular part of the Toy Story franchise. I did not have a Pop! yet of him, but I really liked the look of this one, so I picked it up.

This Pop! also brings back memories from my childhood, when my brother and I would make crazy, mixed-up versions of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. As we had quite a few, some of the combinations got pretty insane, to say the least.

While this version isn’t currently available online, I was able to find on at my local Target. As he was just released back in November, he probably can still be found in stores.

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