Pop! Review: Disney’s Jiminy Cricket (Fall Con 2020 Exclusive)

For today’s Funko Pop! Vinyl review, I check out one of the releases from the 2020 Fall Convention promotion (aka making the exclusives for the failed 2020 New York Comic Con work). Featuring everyone’s favorite conscious, here is a new sculpt of Jiminy Cricket from Disney’s Pinocchio.

I absolutely ADORE this Pop! Vinyl. Here, Jiminy is floating down upon his umbrella. I appreciate it when Funko makes these type of “non-static” Pop! Vinyls, where there is an implied action to the figure. When Funko started introducing these clear supports, it made sculpts like this more possible… and a lot of fun.

See? The whole floating detail and stance really makes this Pop! Vinyl come to life. Funko really knocked it out of the park with this one.

While this Funko Shop / Amazon exclusive is no longer available at retail, you can find him available for a pretty decent price on secondary sale sites if you are interested in adding him to your collection. For Disney fans, I feel that this is a must-have piece.

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