Snootch to the Nootch: Clerks 3 Funko Pops Coming Soon

If you do a deep dive into the Amazon netherworld, you can discover new Clerks 3 glam shots. You will see all your favorite characters from the View Askew universe such as: Dante, Randal, Elias, Jay and Silent Bob. Let’s check them out.

I saw the original Clerks back in college at the University of Georgia. I guess I am dating myself but my roommates and I rented the VHS copy from the local video store and just fell in love with Kevin Smith’s writing and his characters.  I’ve seen all his movies, a few stand up specials, and been a long time podcast listener. I’ll certainly add the main 4 characters to my Pop Movie collection!

In addition, Funko will have its own exclusive: A Silent Bob with his camera! It’s not for sale yet but you can click HERE to find the link on Funko’s website!

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By Matt Norris

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