Review: Walt Disney World’s Skyliner Pop! Ride

Today, I wanted to take a closer look at yet another Disney Parks’ Exclusive Funko Pop! Ride. Released late in 2019 to coincide with the opening of Walt Disney World’s newest mode of mass transportation, here is the Skyliner Pop! Ride.

The Disney Skyliner is an air-gondola transport that links the Epcot and Epcot Resort area to Disney Hollywood Studios and four of the resorts in that area. This was done mainly to alleviate the heavy traffic that has been growing over the years around those two parks. Here is a map of the Skyliner routes.

Each of the gondolas are wrapped and painted with one of several designs featuring characters from a wide range of Disney owned properties. Each gondola can sit 6-8 guests… well, up until Covid changed requirements to one family per gondola. Here is what they look like out in the wild.

This Pop! Ride, which features a Mickey Mouse Pop! waving from it, is decorated just like the Mickey & Friends gondola on the Skyliner.

At first, I wasn’t too keen on this Pop! Ride, mainly because I was iffy on the Skyliner itself. However, I did get to ride the Skyliner when I was on vacation down at Walt Disney World right before the pandemic shut it down. I ended up riding it a few different times between Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. I will say that it was efficient, and a lot quicker than either walking or taking the Friendship Boats through Crescent Lake. After I got home, when I saw this piece for sale up on the shopDisney website, I decided to add it to my collection.

While this piece is no longer for sale on the shopDisney website, you should still be able to find it at Walt Disney World where they sell Funko products… but no promise.

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