Review: The Gargoyles Pop! Collection

This is a review a long time in the making. Since 2018, I have been tracking down all of the different Pop! Vinyls from the Gargoyles animated series, which was part of The Disney Afternoon and aired from 1994 to 1997. Some of them were easy to find, others not so much. A few times, I had to refigure out which ones I needed, and I will admit that I few I purchased on a whim, only to realize I already got them. Finally, just last month, I finally completed the collection (I am only counting regular Pop! Vinyls, not the Keychains). So… here is a look at them all together.

I broke this review down in to three parts. First up, the regular releases.

The regular releases consists of Goliath, Demona, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, and Bronx.

Next up, two “regular” releases that were exclusive: Hudson was a Specialty Series Exclusive, and Angela was a Gamestop Black Friday Exclusive as part of a 10 Pop! Disney Afternoon Mystery Box.

Last up, are the “stone” variants. Each one had an Exclusive store release.

Goliath- Target

Demona- Hot Topic

Angela- Gamestop 2018 Black Friday (same promo as regular Angela)

Hudson & Bronx- FYE

Here is a look at the regular versions alongside the stone versions.

I really like this collection, as I grew up on The Disney Afternoon and show like Gargoyles. While I used to try to be complete with the Funko Disney line, I have whittled it down to a few collections, which include shows that were in The Disney Afternoon. While I still have a bit of a way to go with some of the collections, I am happy that this one is complete.

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