Review: Miss Mindy’s Snow White & Cotton Candy Mermaid (Enesco)

For today’s review, I take a look at two pieces that I got for attending Toy Fair back in February of this year prior to Covid shutdown. Both pieces, designed by artist Miss Mindy, were released by Enesco. One piece I got while actually at Toy Fair, and the other was sent to me post-Toy Fair by the Enesco team. I am a bit embarassed to say that, due to everything with Covid, these to beautiful pieces got misplaced into a back corner of my apartment, and was just recently recovered when I was moving things around this fall.

That being said, let’s first take a look at the piece I got at Toy Fair… the Cotton Candy Mermaid Ornament.

My friend Tracey, who was also at Toy Fair, was able to get my ornament  (and box) signed for me by Miss Mindy while at Toy Fair while I was at another event off site. Thanks, Tracey!

Now let’s look at the Disney Showcase Snow White Vinyl Figure, part of Series 3 of the line. Accompanying her is a little vinyl of Dopey.

Miss Mindy’s designs of these characters are so unique and fun. I especially loved the sentiment with this piece, as Miss Mindy’ grandmother, Mary, was an Ink & Paint Girl who worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the 1930’s. Once more, before these were shipped out to those who visited the Enesco booth at Toy Fair, Miss Mindy also signed Snow White on the back of her collar.

If the signed pieces keep on coming, I also got a signed Miss Mindy postcard. Great little touch.

Want to add one of these pieces to your collection, or check out more of Miss Mindy’s work with Enesco? Head over to our friends at Entertainment Earth, who have a lot of her great pieces, and more, in stock.

Special thanks to Miss Mindy and the team at Enesco for these two great additions to my collections. They are great.

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