Review: Mickey Through the Years Tsum Tsum (Target Exclusive)

For today’s review, I check out a special Target exclusive Disney Tsum Tsum figure set. Now, I have had this set for a while now (JAKKS Pacific sent it to me back in 2018). However, I recently decided to free the Tsum Tsum from their “cage” so I could enjoy them displayed throughout my collectible shelves. Let’s check them out.

There are nine Tsum Tsum in this set, with one birthday hat accessory. This makes for a total of 10 pieces in the packaging. Packaging indicates that four of these Tsum Tsum are exclusive to this set, though I do not see any indications of which ones are exclusive. In any case, here are the different Tsum Tsum.

Although this set has long been sold out through Target, you can find that it is plentiful over at secondary market sites like eBay. From the brief look that I have done, the pricing is quite reasonable for the set. Check it out if you want.

Special thanks to JAKKS Pacific for sending this to me back when they did. I’m happy that I finally got around to opening it up and enjoying the figures out of packaging.

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