Review: Handmade by Robots Captain James T. Kirk

Recently, I took a closer look at the Slimer Handmade by Robots vinyl figure by The Coop. Today, I check out another figure from that line. Featuring the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise during the original Star Trek TV series, here is Captain James T. Kirk.

Kirk, in this handmade knit look, is carrying his trusty phaser pistol. It’s a simply figure, with no articulation. However, it’s quite quirky, cute, and fun.

While it might be hard to track this guy down (I am not even 100% that The Coop is still running as a toy company), I was able to get him at a decent price over at Amazon. He is also available randomly on some independent toy retailers. If you are looking to add this piece to your collection, do a bit of a Google search… it’s your best bet.

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