Review: Doctor Who 13th Doctor Rock Candy

For the next week of reviews, I am going to be highlighting some new additions to my Doctor Who collection. Compared to others I know, I would be considered a “newer” Whovian, as I have only more recently gotten into the show (I started watching the new iteration of the BBC show around the time that the 12th Doctor came onto the scene). However, I really love the show, and try to collect a various amount of collectibles to showcase that love.

Today, I check out the 2018 release of the Funko Rock Candy version of the 13th Doctor, portrayed by the awesome Jodi Whittaker and the first female Doctor.

This is the second Rock Candy in the Doctor Who line, after the release of Amy Pond, one of the companions of the 11th Doctor. In this Rock Candy, the Doctor is dressed to impress with her rainbow shirt, suspenders, and trench coat.

This is a beautiful piece, and I am happy to add it to my collection.

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