Review: Disneyland’s 65th Alice in Wonderland Pop! Vinyls

For today’s review, let’s take a look at two Funko Pop! Vinyls released last year in conjunction with the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of Disneyland. Whenever I have visited Disneyland over in Anaheim, CA, one area that is ALWAYS busy is the location where the two Alice in Wonderland based attractions are located. This park features both a “dark ride” mirroring Alice’s adventures through the movie, as well as a version of the Mad Tea Party, which is located in various Disney Parks around the world. Two characters prominantly featured in this area are the title character Alice and the chaotic-neutral Cheshire Cat. For the 65th Anniversary, a pastel-colored Alice and a purple colorway of Cheshire Cat were created. Here they are.

These two pieces were exclusive to Target. I am unsure if they were originally intended to be Disney Parks exclusives before the pandemic. Being that most, if not all, of the other 65th Anniversary releases were “common” releases, either way could be true.

Here is a closer look at both of them, which are both repaints of previous sculpts.

“Pastel” Alice

Purple Colorway Cheshire Cat

While they aren’t the most exciting releases as part of the Disneyland 65th Anniversary Collection, since I would classify these two as “Disney Parks” pieces, I wanted them to be in my collection… which is what mot of my Funko collection is made up of. As a few of you might not know yet, I am a major Disney Fanatic. No regrets.

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