Review: Comfy Disney Princess Rock Candy Collection (Funko)

Back in 2018 and in conjunction with Disney’s release of the animated Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet movie, Funko released a series of Rock Candy figures based on the comfy looks of the Disney Princesses that Vanellope encounters and hangs out with in the movie. While it took me a bit to track down a couple of the pieces to round out my collection, today I present all twelve Comfy Disney Princesses.

Let’s take a closer look at them… in pairs of two.

Belle & Ariel

Both Belle and Ariel were regular releases.

Mulan & Rapunzel

Both Mulan and Rapunzel were regular releases.

Moana & Tiana

Moana and Tiana were regular releases.

Snow White & Jasmine

Jasmine was a regular release, while Snow White was part of the Specialty Series.

Pocahontas & Aurora

Two of the harder ones to get, Pocahontas was a NYCC 2018 exclusive, while Aurora was a Funko Shop exclusive.

Elsa & Anna

Lastly, we have Elsa and Anna, who were both Target exclusives.

I really liked that Funko chose to release the Comfy Disney Princesses as Rock Candy instead of Pop! Vinyls. This made it so Funko could give each of the Disney Princesses more of a personality, something that a lot of Pop! Vinyls sometimes lack. Still, I would have appreciated it if Funko finished the series by making figures for Cinderella and Merida, and have a special release for Vanellope so they could all be displayed together.

What are you thoughts on the Comfy Disney Princesses Rock Candy collection? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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