Review: Alice at the Mad Tea Party Pop! Ride (Disney Parks)

For today’s review, I check out a Disney Parks Exclusive Pop! Ride. Originally released in the beginning of 2019, there has been renewed interest in this piece after the release of two additional Pop! Rides from the same attraction this year. Here’s the Alice at the Mad Tea Party Pop! Ride.

In this Pop! Ride, Alice is riding a purple tea cup. Later releases of Cheshire Cat (Wondercon 2020 Exclusive) and Mad Hatter (Target Exclusive) on the ride showcase a yellow and blue tea cup, respectively.

I like how, in this sculpt, Alice’s hair is blowing in the wind. It easily showcases the wild motion on this ride.

While Alice is no longer available online, you’ll be able to find her on the secondary market at a decent price. Out of the three Mad Tea Party Pop! Rides, Cheshire Cat is the most expensive of the releases on the secondary market, given the extreme limited edition and way of getting him through the Funko Virtual Con associated with the cancelled Wondercon this year. Mad Hatter was the most recently released through Target to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Disneyland, and might still be found in some stores.

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