PopVinyls.com Relaunching and Needing New Staff!

PopVinyls.com is relaunching around June 1st with an expansion of coverage to include; Star Wars, wrestling and Marvel legends figures to go along with Funko of course.

We’re looking for writers who can post news stories daily. Consider this an internship because if I’m not making money, nobody else will be either 🙂

I would love to add 3-4 writers to focus on Funko, 2 for Star Wars, 2 for wrestling and 1 for Marvel legends. If you are interested in multiple lines to cover, that works just as well! To contact me and show interest, leave a comment with your email here. Don’t worry I won’t post your comment so no one else will see it. Or, you can shoot me a DM on Twitter at @PopVinyls.

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