Pop! Review: Retro Toys’ P.C. Popple

Growing up in the 1980’s, it’s hard to imagine one not knowing about Popples. An animated TV show and plush line, the Popples characters were a hybrid between a teddy bear and a sort of marsupial. Having a tail that ends in a pom-pom, each creature folds up into itself to become a ball.

Original Popples Cartoon

Last year, Funko released one of the main characters of the 1986 animated show, P.C. Popple, as a Target Exclusive Pop! Vinyl in their Retro Toys line. Let’s check him out.

P.C. (Pretty Cool) Popple was/is one of the most recognizable of the original Popples, being one of their co-leaders and appearing in most of the episodes of the 1986 TV series.

While I am not collecting all of the Retro Toys line (trust me, if I had the ability to I would), the Popples was always a favorite show of mine in my elementary school years. I also had a few of the plush as well (I actually think I might have one or two in storage still). When I randomly saw this Pop! on the shelf at my local Target, my inner child creamed for me to get it… so I obliged.

Funko also released another Popple around the same time as this Target Exclusive. With the same sculpt and number in the Retro Toys line, Prize Popple came with a Chase variant, which showcases the Popples ability to turn into a ball.

If you’d like to add P.C. Popple to your collection, Target still has him online to order. Prize Popple can be found at various retailers, including Funko Shop online.

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