Pop! Review: Gingerbread Mickey Mouse

The holidays are fast approaching, and in celebration of Christmas coming up, I wanted to share a look with you all of one of my more recent Funko Pop! Vinyl acquisitions for my favorite holiday. Here is Gingerbread Mickey Mouse!

When he was initially released, it was through the Funko Shop as part of their Holiday 2020 online exclusives. He was released alongside of a Minnie Mouse Gingerbread Pop! Vinyl. While I did not pick Mickey up during the release last November, I got him this past summer when a friend of mine was downsizing their collection.

I will say that this is an… interesting sculpt. Am I impressed? I mean, it’s different, that’s for sure. Not sure I am a fan, per say. However, the theme seemed to have been a hit, because this holiday season Funko is releasing a bunch of Marvel characters in the same format, including Thor, Spider-Man, and Black Panther below.

Interested in adding one or more of these upcoming holiday releases to your collection? Check out our friends over at Entertainment Earth.

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