Pop! Review: Fantastik Plastik’s T.J.

For today’s review, I check out one of the releases in Funko’s line of original IP characters. Now, even though I don’t collect all of the Pop! Vinyls in this line, I do grab one when it goes with one of my collections. In this case, I felt this guy would go well with my tiki mug collection and another Pop! Vinyl hanging out on those shelves, Trader Grim. Part of the “Fantastik Plastik” crew, here is T.J.

I guess it’s kind of appropriate that I am taking a look at T.J. on Halloween weekend, as he is a Day of the Dead, cervesa loving, Mexican skeleton. He is all ready to party until he drops dead… again.

I really like the paint job on this guy, and I like the little quirk of him having the bent nose in the sculpt. Up close, he actually kind of look like Jack Skellington’s drunk cousin, which is also a bit hilarious.

While T.J. was a Funko Shop exclusive, he is currently sold out and only available on the secondary market. If you’d like to add him to your collection, you should be able to find him there without too much of an issue.

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